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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Plumbing usually means to transport water and other waste products in the form of water to one place to another. Either for the decomposing of wastes and for the supply of pure water plumbing uses the same but different mode of operations and plumbing fixtures. Creative developments and improvements in the plumbing industry have made the plumbing of drain systems and also the plumbing of portable water system an easier task. This advancement in plumbing industry helps the plumbers to do both the drain system and the water supply system in a cost effective and easiest way. Drainage plumbing is also known as sewage systems used to carry waste from any building to a public sewer system or to a main drain tank. If a public sewage system does not exist at a place there the disposal of waste is made in to a septic tank.

In some homes the drainage plumbing system uses a socking pit or an individual disposal system to compose the wastes being flushes out from that home. The plumbers uses three modes of plumbing systems namely the combined sewage system, separate sewage system, and a Partially Separate Sewerage System for drainage plumbing. All these sewage systems will do the same job of whatever the wastes produced is to dispose to a drain tank.
The combined drainage plumbing channel systems uses to dispose the wastes and the sewage through the same pipelines to a common drain tank. Where as in the separate drain system the drain tank having separate connection to carry sewage, waste water and solid wastes like human faeces, urine and other wastes from a building. And in he third system of drainage plumbing the plumber has made a system in which a part of wastes and surface water to the drains. Drainage plumbing also associated with transporting water to a river, sea, or to any sewage lines when occurring floods or the accumulation of groundwater due to heavy rain. Flooding problems are mostly occurring with the accumulation of ground water in a property due to heavy rainfall and it will lead to cause damage to the basement of buildings. The plumbers are suggesting a proper solution to this is the installation of a good drain plumbing system.

A French drain is an example of such drainage plumbing system, which originated in the United States, is a simple and cost effective method to fight against the flooding problems. Now a day most of the plumbers uses the French drainage plumbing systems to get protect form the hazards of affecting damages by flooding problems to buildings. When designing a drain system the plumber first want to do the gravity work before digging the trenches and to work with the natural slope of your property. Often the sanitation plumbers uses a Drainage trap, which is a device used to prevent sewer gases from entering the buildings to fix below or within a plumbing fixture that these traps have the ability to retain small amount of water from the drain tanks.

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