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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Pluming work is mainly involved in creating, installing, repairing and maintaining the plumbing fixtures and plumbing pipeline systems for drinking water supply and also for the use of waste disposal. The waste transporting and disposal system of plumbing is termed as drainage or sewage plumbing and is done with a sewage plumber. Depending on the type of plumbing fixtures to be installed there are experienced plumbers in these fields to carry out the plumbing job. When considering the way that plumbing fixture installations are doing plumbing is classifies in to two main categories of plumbing methods namely horizontal plumbing and vertical plumbing. Depend on the techniques and system of pipelines installing we can recognize the plumbing methods. That purely means in horizontal plumbing the system of pipes will connect to the drain tank or to the water tank horizontally.
The plumbing systems, especially the drainage plumbing systems uses the horizontal pipe connecting methods with vent pipes. In the drainage plumbing systems the plumbers uses a trap to fix below or within a plumbing fixture to prevent sewer gases from entering the buildings. Like the same in some WCs also the plumbers use a short but horizontal plumbing outlet to which add a ceramic or plastic connector to convert the outlet into an S-trap or P-trap. In some areas of our country there using a combination drain system and yet a vent system. In such places it seems to be a good idea to place air admittance valves in the drain systems to allow the drain to stay properly sized with out overflowing. In these cases we can use either a vertical or horizontal plumbing offsets for the flexible installation and keeping of drain plumbing installations. The horizontal vent piping in a drain is wimpy and therefore there is no chances for air enter in to the system and make it easy to vent the drain system especially for multi floor stacks.
In modern plumbing systems many homes use a horizontal drain line in to the wall and under the sink. In horizontal drains the system doesn’t need holes drilled in the bottom surface of the sink. So this plumbing mode is more popular to carry and transport used water away from baths, basins, WCs, bidets and showers. This transportation system includes some traps called as U bends to prevent smells from sewers entering to the surroundings. As this sewer gas is considered to be the main cause for a number of diseases the plumbers always uses a trap to stop the smelling from sewer. It seems a necessary to install horizontal plumbing water trap fittings as a part of an outlet. One of the main aspects of horizontal plumbing system for floor drains is running pipelines with traps horizontally below the floor. The vent installing horizontally below the floor is a best method for a combination drain system and for floor drains. On a combination drain and vent system the IPC has made some restrictions regarding making the drain to be horizontal throughout its length.

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